Service regulations

  1. Requests for service and warranty services are accepted for execution only by filling out the appropriate form on the company’s website  . To apply, register at www.sorter.pl.
  2. Przyjęcie zgłoszenia oraz termin realizacji można sprawdzić telefonicznie od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 8:00-17:00 pod numerem tel. 48 377 99 99 wew. lub mailowo pod adresem: serwis@sorter.pl
  3. Warranty and service services will be provided within 14 days from the date of notification. In exceptional cases, this period may be extended, in particular, when the warranty service requires the import of parts or components from a sub-supplier and when the service is prevented from working due to bad weather conditions.
  4. Parts that the service center removes from the device as part of the warranty benefit and replaces them with new ones become the property of Sorter.
  5. Parts removed from the device after the expiration of the warranty period or as part of the service provision remain the property of the customer.
  6. Costs resulting from an unjustified complaint or interruption of service at the request of the customer/user shall be borne by the customer/user, in accordance with the price list applicable to the Sorter service.
  7. Sorter has the right to refuse to provide warranty and service if the customer/user withholds payment for the device or prior service.
  8. The customer/user is obliged to cooperate with the employees of the Sorter service in the implementation of the warranty-service performed at the place of installation of the device by:

(a) allowing timely access to the device;

b) presentation of the documents provided with the equipment (warranty book, technical data sheet, DTR);

(c) to take measures necessary to protect persons and property and to comply with health and safety regulations at the site of the warranty and service provision;

(d) ensuring that the work can begin immediately upon the arrival of the Sorter service and its implementation without undue delay;

(e) to provide, free of charge, all possible assistance in the performance of the service (e.g., provision of a source of electricity, compressed air in the quantity and quality necessary for the proper operation of the equipment in question, a water and sewage connection providing a supply of clean water and collection of dirty water, as well as the provision of a permanent high-speed Internet connection for the purpose of diagnosing the operation of equipment online or lighting at the place of performance).

(f) The customer/user is required to provide means for unloading machinery and equipment at the time of delivery, such as forklifts, pallet trucks, etc., by prior telephone arrangement with the manufacturer.

  1. Sorting machines can only be operated by qualified personnel   of the user. The machine operator must have the necessary authorizations to operate machinery The employer must verify that the operator hired by him has the required documents and has the necessary qualifications and skills, i.e. education in the field,   technical, preferably electromechanical, completed a specialized course in computer operation, electrical qualification of the Association of Polish Electricians ( S.E.P.) for the operation of electrical cabinets, as well as relevant experience to operate individual machines or the entire sorting line
  2. The customer/user is obliged to immediately collect and confirm the performance of the warranty on the document Service Book and document Service order. In case of doubts about the quality or completeness of the performance of warranty and service, the customer/user has the right to file a complaint with Sorter.
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