maszyny sortownicze

Packaging manual

Manual packaging is a lengthy process, so we want to offer solutions to make this important production process easier and faster. We know how important it is that your product reaches the customer perfectly packaged. Packaging is also used to transfer goods to further production stages

Our produkty

Through a series of experiences, we have created products for the most demanding customers. We are able to offer bagging equipment, weighing machines, product counters, dedicated conveyors and our technologically advanced 6-axis robots.

maszyny sortownicze
maszyny sortownicze

Advantages systemu

    • High packing capacity

    • Carefully packed products

    • Products measured in perfect proportion

    • Distribution of packages by conveyors to the next stage - palletization

    • Increase in production efficiency

Why do customers choose us?.


Our priority is an individual approach to cooperation


Advanced systems give access to full production automation


We use only the highest quality materials in sorting machines


Technical support and access to spare parts after the warranty period


Contact us, we will provide detailed information on each product in our offer. We offer competitive prices and the possibility of long-term cooperation.

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