maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter

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Technological transport is used to move goods. During this process, it can be supported by automatic devices. Thanks to the use of technology supporting the circulation of goods in the production process, we are able to significantly accelerate and coordinate it. This type of transport can be used at every production stage.

Our produkty

The most popular solutions are roller and belt conveyors, lifts, conveyors and fully automatic robots used to move or transfer goods. The devices used are dedicated to the products being moved. We use top-class components in our machines, which translates into failure-free and long operation.

maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter
maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter

Advantages systemu

      • Speeding up production
      • Reduction of transport space compared to manual solutions
      • A complete view of the goods produced
      • Easier inventory of the amount of product produced

Why do customers choose us?


Our priority is an individual approach to cooperationc


Advanced systems give access to full production automation


We use only the highest quality materials in sorting machines


Technical support and access to spare parts after the warranty period


Contact us, we will provide detailed information on each product in our offer. We offer competitive prices and the possibility of long-term cooperation.

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