maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter

Processing produkcyjne

Processing is one of the final stages of production. The sorted product goes to the next stage, where it is processed according to various parameters and needs. One solution may be to protect the product from darkening - sulphiting or waxing, which creates an additional layer that protects the fruit from damage and protects it from the penetration of pathogens and contaminants.

Our produkty

  • Tippers used for unloading
  • Water and air washers and brushers for cleaning fruits and vegetables
  • Conveyor made entirely of stainless steel
  • Vibrating screens that allow to clean the product after the cutting, shredding process, for example, from the remains of the peel
  • Sulfitation tubs
  • Fruit peeler with a capacity of up to 80 objects per minute.
  • A weighing machine with which we weigh and portion fruits and vegetables after processing.
maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter
maszyny do sortowania owoców i warzyw sorter

Advantages systemu

      • High productivity of machines
      • Saving time in the production process
      • Versatile use
      • The highest quality of materials used
      • Increase in production efficiency

Why do customers choose us?


Our priority is an individual approach to cooperationc


Advanced systems give access to full production automation


We use only the highest quality materials in sorting machines


Technical support and access to spare parts after the warranty period


Contact us, we will provide detailed information on each product in our offer. We offer competitive prices and the possibility of long-term cooperation.

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