We offer electronic sorting machines  equipped with a tensiometric weighing system as well as innovative vision system for calibration and sorting products according to different parameters.



We manufacture and deliver completed lines for packing. 



Our offer includes a wide range of palletizing systems for automatic stacking of packages. 

Sorting Sorting


Our modern vision system allows sorting product according to different parameters.

Palletizing Palletizing


We offer completed palletizing solutions for various types of products in every branch of industry.

Food processing machines Food processing machines

Food processing machines

We will design, manufacture and implement a new technological line in accordance with your expectations

Packing Packing


We offer technological advanced machines for packing products as well as completed packing lines.

Orchard platforms Orchard platforms

Orchard platforms

Self-propelled orchard platforms are dedicated to orchardists in order to increase comfort as well as productivity of their work.

We constantly and systematically broaden our offer to meet the demands of the market.


At the moment we offer our customers a whole range of machines and technological solutions:

  • advanced technological lines,
  • electronic sorting machines for fruit and vegetables,
  • machines of food processing,
  • precise manipulators and general industry robots,
  • high quality palletizing systems,
  • automatic packing and storing systems,
  • machines for the orchard.

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