We specialize in comprehensive customer service, ranging from the analysis of customer’s needs, consulting, project implementation, to full service package during warranty and post-warranty periods.


Versatile solutions for automatic palletizing processes include precisely finely tuned equipment: conveyors adjusted to palletizers and pallets’ destackers, these in turn adjusted to fully automated storage units, which are used to increase productivity. Storage units eliminate palletizers downtime, because the machines continue working without the need of stopping and waiting for collecting a proper number of packages.


Advantages of our palletizing solutions:

  • possibility to palletize a variety of products, depending on customer’s needs,
  • comprehensive automated solutions for palletizing processes,
  • high performance of the machines
  • safe operation
  • possibility of adjusting to any branch of industry, where packages are stored on pallets.


We offer a customized design of an entire installation, construction, manufacture, start‑up, maintenance and service.