Orchard platforms


Orchard platforms

Orchard platforms facilitate all work which demands working at heights, such as fruit collection, branch cutting, thinning fruit buds, and working with netting against hail. Machines are designed to move around in rough terrain: deep wheel trucks, muddy, wet soil or highlands, etc.



  • Platforms are low-speed vehicles, powered by Diesel engine. The drive can be transmitted to 4 wheels, each being steered, which allow 3 control modes of the driving direction. Machines are equipped with 2 gears for operation use and on-road use. 
  • All operating units (such as servomotors, engines) are controlled by one of 7 control panels, which enable, for example a smooth adjustment of the height and width of the platform. Such solution allows to work in the orchard with trees of different heights.
  • An automatic guiding system enables maintenance‑free driving between the rows of trees. If a hinged arm’s sensor detects a trunk in the vicinity, it automatically redirects the wheels to avoid the obstacle and immediately the wheels are returned to straight position.
  • The platforms are equipped with loading and unloading elevators of bins, which are transported by roller conveyors (gravity conveyors) and chain conveyors. Working platforms are liftable and equipped with balconies that move aside for an easier access to the trees.


PS-5 is additionally equipped with 2 independent easily adjustable balconies which allow work on different levels at the same time.


PS-1P is additionally equipped with bin filler which is designed for gentle bin filling. Fruit is placed on a bin filler’s conveyor, while the process of bin filling is automated till the desired level of fruit in the bin. The bin filler is powered by an aggregate.


Purchasing of our platform means productivity growth, as well as, much safer and comfortable work during all height related works in the orchard!

PS-5 orchard platform