The Best Product of the Year 2011


The Best Product of the Year 2011

Product of the Year 2011 rewards have been bestowed.

We are proud to advise that during this year's ceremony of Radom business awards Sorter s.c. was given two awards "Granite Tulip".

The award has been given annualy by Radom's Chamber of Commerce for development of local business for 16 years. Worth highlighting is the fact that it is the fist time in history of the ceremeny the members granted one company two awards.
We are pleased that rewards for the Best Comany of the Year 2011 and the Best Product of the Year 2011 for 8 lanes cup sorting machine were awarded to us.



We are extremely happy that the efford devoted to desiging and manufacturing of the machine was recognized, as well as the company dynamic development was appreciated by the title the Best Company of the Year 2011.

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