Terms and Conditions of Warranty and Service


Terms and Conditions of Warranty and Service

  1. Service request can be registered via:
  1. company webpage www.sorter.pl/kontakt
  2. telephone +48 48 377 99 99 from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  3. email serwis@sorter.pl
  1. Service shall be provided within 14 days from the registration. Occasionally this period can be prolonged in case it is necessary to wait for the spare parts from the subassembly producers, or the weather conditions prevent the service procedures.
  2. The units or parts dismantled during Warranty Period that had to be replaced with new ones shall remain Sorter’s property.
  3. Expenses incurred due to the groundless service request,  groundless complaints, or if the customer deters or prevents  the service crew form work will be charged according to a Service Price List.
  4. Sorter may refuse to provide service if the owner of the machine/user failed to settle the account for the machines, or for the previously provided service.
  5. The owner of the machine/user is obliged to cooperate with Sorter’s employees while the service is provided. It is the owner’s/user’s duty to:
  • provide free access to the machine upon the service crew arrival without unnecessary delays;
  • prepare documents of the machine in advance (Warranty Book, technical data sheet, DTR);
  • comply with the occupational safety and health regulations at the site where the service in provided;
  • guarantee free of charge help (for example provide the access to the electrical energy, enough compressed air for the machine’s functioning, water supply and sewage system, broad band connection in order to analyze machines’ functioning online from the headquarters, lighting conditions).
  • provide means for unloading of the machines as arranged before delivery with Sorter, such as fork-lift trucks.

The owner of the machine/user is obliged to confirm in the Warranty Book that the service was provided, as well as to sign the Service Protocol. The owner/user has the right to make a complaint if the service was unsatisfactory or uncompleted.

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