Success story - 3 installations for an Ukrainian entrepreneur


Success story - 3 installations for an Ukrainian entrepreneur

The investment in a 3-lane sorting line enabled our client from Buchach region to develop a buisness in short time and order 2 more installations for fruit processing and packaging. Additionally, in order to meet the growing demand, in 2018 a sorting machine with a higher capacity was designed. The entrepreneur created a comprehensive center for sorting, packing, peeling and cutting apples. Great congratulations!


First comes the sorting line

The sorting line launched in 2015 with a sorting machine of a capacity of up to 7 t/h was intended for sorting products with a diameter of 50-130 mm and equipped with a software for recognizing the color, diameter and weight of a product. In the sorting process, the fruits were allocated to conveyors that transported them into 4 packing tables with a return tape, or were allocated directly to a bin filler.


Acceleration of the packaging process

The second investment is a packing line with a NW-01 bag filling machnie and a Turbo packing table, to maximize packaging efficiency. The line is characterized by a unloding elevator with a capacity of up to 25 bins per hour compatible with a WNA-14K mulithead linear weighing machine.

The advantages of the Turbo packing table are both the return tape, which re-directs the fruit to the beginning of the conveyor, so as not to interrupt the packaging process, as well as the bottom conveyor and gutters for second class fruits that allow for ergonomic work and significantly accelerate packaging.

However, the feature which most significantly distinguishes Turbo table is the conveyor belt, which transports PE or molded pulp and fiber trays at an angle on the entire length of the table. Each employee puts 4 apples into the tray, making only two moves for this purpose. After filling with fruit, the fruit trays are transported by a conveyor to the end of the table where an employee places them in bulk boxes. In case of single-layer boxes, the conveyor can transport the box together with the tray, which allows to immediately pallet finished boxes at the end of the conveyor.

The system applied is the ergonomic optimization of working conditions and significantly increases efficiency, because the employee performs repetitive tasks at a specified pace.

More information on our packing table can be found on our web page:,797.html


The third stage of development - a line for fruit processing

The third installation is dedicated typically for processing. The heart of this line is the apple peeler, model UOK, which slices ​​and cuts into quarters apples in various manners. Peeled and prepared apples are then subjected to freezing, drying or packaging processes.


A mirror reflection of the first investment?

The customer decided to buy a second sorting machine, which is a mirror image of the first installation, but with increased efficiency, so the 3‑lane sorting line was converted into a 6-track sorting machine with a capacity of up to 15 t/h in connection with increasing productivity.

The increase in efficiency also included the modernization of the unloading section. Previously, the pallet was fed manually by the employee, one by one using a forklift. After upgrading the line, chain conveyors were used to allow the robot to stack 3 stacks of 3 crates instead of one.