Service and Technical Support


Service and Technical Support

The scope of maintenance services

• specialized technical inspection

• periodic inspections

• diagnosing failures and faults and their removal

• comprehensive post-warranty repairs of machinery and equipment in the field of mechanics, electronics and automation

• professional consultation and advice on the modernization of the line

• training on the operation of machines and equipment

• maintenance


Thinking about the comfort and needs of the installations’ users, we offer promotional service packages, thus we provide a comprehensive service care on very favorable terms!

The offer is addressed to both the owners of machines and equipment with Sorter’s logo, as well as  to owners of machines of other competitors! Promotion applies to the mandatory warranty services performed after the purchase of our products.


• 10 – labour hours’ service package with 10% discount

• 20 – labour hours’ service package with 20% discount

• 30 – labour hours’ service package with 30% discount

The benefits of buying SORTER’s packages of service

• immediate response to a notification

• rendering of services within 14 days from the date of a notification (in exceptional cases the period may be slightly longer)

• help of the best specialists

• extensive experience in the repair of machines and equipment allows us to solve any encountered problem

• new, high-quality components and machine parts

• protection against unexpected repair costs after the factory warranty

• modern and fully equipped service facilities ensure the reliability of rendered services

Terms of promotional service packs

• any labour hour included in the service package must be used within 12 months from the date of signing the contract for the provision of the service and maintenance

• payment in advance for each service package

• promotional service package does not include the cost of technicians’ commuting

• technicians working time is rounded up to the next full 15 minutes.

Service packages

For each service package, we offer the purchase of innovative line of  products for the maintenance of sorting machines, lines and orchard equipment. Concerned about the health of our customers and the environment, our preparations contain reduced amounts of toxic agents.


Choosing our service packages, you can be sure that the owned machines and equipment will always be fully functional and efficient, and thus their working time is extended without the risk of downtime!


Our team of advisors and technicians is always ready for you!


Service requests are accepted only from the registered users.

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