Packing line with an automatic molding dispenser


Packing line with an automatic molding dispenser

You have been successfully using an electronic sorting machine for years, but you are wondering how you can increase the efficiency of your production line or its individual sections?

We have several ways to do this!

One example is the recently launched packing line for automatic dispensing molded pulp and fiber trays where the handling stations, fruit belt conveyors and conveyors are automated.


How does unloading efficiency affect the final packing stage?

The RBR-N robot delivers apples that have previously been pre-sorted and calibrated. Fruits are transported through water channels to a foam dryer with a fan, and then onto a special brush that also polishes apples. Near the tubular conveyor, the 2 belt conveyors have been placed, which are compatible with it and allow you at the preliminary stage to select fruit for 2nd and 3rd class.  

What did we manage to achieve? In the entire packaging process, this solution shortened the quality control process at the final stage before bulk packaging, because only the first class fruit is transported to be packed.


How have we increased the efficiency of the packaging system?

The dried fruit from the tubular conveyor is directed to 2 parallel belt conveyors and from them the apples are gently transferred automatically to pressed cardboard moldings. The operator at the workstation is only to correct the arrangement of fruit. The worker then places the filled moldings in a bushel box located at the end of the conveyor.


As a result …

one unloading robot, a set of water channels, a dryer and a tubular conveyor supports 2 parallel packing lanes.

This project improved the production results of the entire packaging process.

Each lane achieves a capacity of up to 4 tons per hour, which together gives the capacity of the entire packaging line from 8 to 10 tons per hour.



• line capacity for packaging from 8 to 10 tons / hour

• fewer employees needed to operate the line

• economical and efficient solution


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Packing line with an automatic molding dispenser