Our sorting line in “Noteć Valley Orchards”


Our sorting line in “Noteć Valley Orchards”

In March, we completed the installation of the sorting line in “Noteć Valley Orchards” in Jeziorki. This time the investor was the “Noteć Valley Orchards”, company that focuses on trading fruit and vegetables, natural juices and honey. The company cooperates with a 120 hectare fruit farm, 1/3 of which is occupied by the apple orchards. Our line was designed to sort these kind of fruits.


The investor decided to use a 4-track bowl sorting line with a capacity of up to 9 t/h with water unloading system, equipped with sorting software with a vision system. The fruits are sorted according to the weight, size and color of the apple. The line is equipped with an unloading robot with chain conveyors for feeding full and collecting empty box-pallets.


Two NSJ-2 box-pallets fillers and five return SPR-4 packing tables are used for packing the apples.

Additional solutions, chosen by the investor, are the central collection of 2nd class fruits and packaging from the packing tables. Downtimes have been minimized thanks to the construction adapted to transport cardboard boxes from the entresol to the table tops. Operators don't have to be distracted from work to put fruit cartons on the production line. The line also includes a fruit counter for counting and packing in MLO bags.



  • solid construction of the technological line
  • line capacity up to 9 t/h
  • gentle unloading, transport and packaging
  • precise and high-quality vision system segregating fruits by color, weight and size
  • minimizing the work stoppages between feeding a batch of packaging – discharges of cardboard boxes from the entresol
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