February 2020 – a new 2MS7 line launched in Russia!


February 2020 – a new 2MS7 line launched in Russia!

Great news at the beginning of the year! We have just completed another project in cooperation with our representative in Russia - with the company AGROSTROJKOMPLEKT (http://xn--80aggpfbfhpacngboqk.xn--p1ai/) and at the beginning of February we launched a 2-lane apple sorting line.



To achieve the adequate performance, the best solution was to use the RZP simple immersion unloading, which is adapted to 1200 x 1000 x 800 pallets. This solution allowed to achieve and guarantee our customer the capacity of 20 to 25 bins an hour.

According to the customer's choice, the vision system allows sorting fruit by weight and size.



After sorting, the fruit is assigned to the outputs, which direct the apples to the 6 mono-packing tables.

MONO SPP-A-3 model consists of a conveyor belt 400 mm wide and 3 meters long to  which the fruit from a sorting machine is transported. Each table is additionally equipped with 2 tops for storage of empty cartons.



  • solid construction of the technological line
  • gentle water unloading
  • universal carrier - a cup for spherical fruit with a diameter of 50 to 110 mm
  • efficiency up to 4,5 tones an hour
  • economical solution - packing on mono tables
  • precision - high quality vision system


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