A new sorting line for apples in Moldova


A new sorting line for apples in Moldova

In August, we completed the assembly of the sorting line for one of our Moldovan customers, SRL Demetras-Prim. The investor's activity focuses on fruit processing, mainly based on apple harvest.


The investor decided on a 2-track bowl sorting line with a capacity up to 4 t/h with water unloading, equipped with sorting software with a vision system. The fruit is sorted according to the weight, size and color of the apple. After qualifying the apple to the appropriate group, it is directed to a fixed exit.

The line is equipped with a simple water unloading of the RZP type, intended for gentle unloading of fruit. For packing apples, we used six economical fruit packing tables, MONO SPP-A-3 type. These are new versions of tables equipped with the scales of full packages.


• solid construction of the technological line,

• line capacity up to 4 t/h,

• gentle fruit unloading, transport and packaging,

• precise and high-quality vision system segregating by color, weight and size,

• modern packing tables for easy loading of fruit.

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