4<sup>th</sup> sorting line in Krasnodar


4th sorting line in Krasnodar

Increasing productivity, facilitating work, or ensuring a gentle sorting? The motivations of our clients vary depending on the product and latitude, which is why we offer a whole range of solutions.


In the case of the line delivered in the summer of 2018, in Russia in the vicinity of Krasnodar, a 3‑lane cup sorting machine was designed for the analysis of the diameter, color and the function of weight measurement.

The designers selected for our customer an unloading elevator Model RZP to maximize the use of the sorting machine, which achieves a capacity of up to 6 tons per hour.



Regardless of the efficiency of the sorting line, customers attach great importance to solutions that minimize the risk of fruit damage in the entire sorting process.

It is worth noting that gentle handling of fruit is not limited to the use of water unloading. The installation is equipped with a soft rubber separator, which divides the fruit into even sections before transferring them above the water level to the elevator rollers, and then to the soft brush and industrial dryer Model SOG-W with sponges absorbing moisture.













Wherever the technological process requires it, all passages between the machine sections, conveyor bands, etc. are covered in the soft protective material preventing fruit damage.


The V-type belt conveyor that divides the fruit in single lines in front of the sorting machine also prevents damage. The conveyors’ belts have different linear velocity to evenly position apples in rows at the entrance to the sorting machine. The apples do not pile and thus are not bruised.


We will design any technological line for you!

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