The research results of OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205/12

European Regional Development Fund – for development of innovative economy

"Development of an innovative technology of an automatic integrated 6-axis manipulator equipped with a vision system enabling product’s orientation." 

The project was co-financed as part of Measure 1.4 Support for goal-oriented projects of Priority Axis 1 Research and development of modern technologies of the Innovative Economy Operational Program based on the financing agreement OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205/12 of 12th November 2012.

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Programme: Innovative Economy Operational Programme

Measure 1.4 Support for goal-oriented projects

 Priority Axis 1 – Research and development of state-of-the-art technologies.

Project value: 24 865 806,87 pln

EU co-financing: 8 833 410,75 PLN

Project implementation period: 01.09.2012 - 30.06.2015


Promotion and dissemination of the results of the project OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205 / 12 included speeches and papers at scientific conferences. Below we present three selected ones of the nationwide and international character.


The conference title: ‘’Agricultural engineering in the protection and shaping of the environment.”

Venue:  Faculty of Production Engineering, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, address: 20-612 Lublin, ul. Głęboka 28


On 23rd of September 2015, at the International science conference: ‘’Agricultural engineering in the protection and shaping of the environment. '' Prof. Phd. Eng.  Ryszard Hołownicki, a member of Sorter’s the scientific team, gave a lecture in which he discussed the results of the research in the project POIG.01.04.00-22-205 / 12.

The subject of the project was to create a prototype of the cooperation mechanism of an automatic six-axis pneumatic manipulator with a modern vision system used to recognize product features and identify products in production processes. The developed technology will be used in individual machines produced by Sorter (multi-axis palletizing machine, automatic packing robot for a flow-packed products, automatic robot packing long-shaped vegetables).

A letter of Prof. Phd. Eng. Ryszard Hołownicki

A link to the programme of the conference


The conference title: “Automation and safety in the maintenance service. Predictive failure prevention.”

Venue: Hotel Patver, address: Daleszyce, 26-021 Borków

On 17th May 2018 in Borkowo the third edition of a conference organized by GT Automation Krzysztof Reczko under the auspices of  Kielce University of Technology was held in Borkowo concerning  the use of Industry 4.0.  The aim of Sorter’s participation was to disseminate the results of the EU project, OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205/12.

A lecture on the subject of the first 6-axis SUR robot manipulators in Poland was conducted by M.Sc. Paweł Strączyński, a member of the Sorter’s research team.  

SUR robots depending on a lifting capacity (up to 5 kg, 15 kg, 35 kg) have been designed for a precise and automatic sorting, packing and palletizing.

 A link to a programme of the conference konferencja-gtautomation.pl


The conference title: "The current problems of bio-systems engineering." 

Venue: Institute of Biosystems Engineering, Poznań University of Life Sciences, address: ul. Wojska Polskiego 50, 60-627 Poznań.

A member of Sorter’s research team, Phd. Eng. Roman Król gave a lecture on ‘’Application of video detection of images in apple sorting using SVM classifier and HOG descriptor.” as a part of dissemination of the results of the project OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205/12.


A link to the programme of the conference: http://www1.up.poznan.pl/apib/?program-konferencji