Sangrow II - the latest installation in Sandomierz region

Today we unveil details of one of the latest installations made for our customer in the Sandomierz region. This is another sorting line designed and implemented by us in the beautiful production hall of Sangrow !!!

One of the interesting and custom solutions for this installation is unloading and stacking process. At customer's request, stacking robots pick up 4 bins and reposition them in posts of 4 - the solution which saves a lot of time.

The modern line for sorting apples includes:

  • full bins destacking robot which destacks 4 bins at a time
  • bottom bin washer
  • water unloading system
  • precise 6 lane’s RDS sorting machine
  • empty bins’ destacking robot which repositions them in posts, 4 bins at a time
  • destacking robot which stacks the bins for the automatic bin fillers
  • 24 presort water channels
  • bin’s washer
  • 2 hydro-bin fillers for gentle loading
  • stacking robot which stacks 4 bins at a time in posts