Multi field, multi-field, table for sorting and packing of fruits and vegetables MODEL SPS-7-01

Brand new in our offer!!! A fully automated multi-level packing table for fruits and vegetables MODEL SPS-7-01


The table is designed to make work as easy as possible. For this purpose the solutions which minimize the distance of reaching movements and carrying were implemented, and above all, the design reduces the unnecessary movements of the employee.


Thoughtful design and specially designed functionalities allow you to pack in different containers, including: cartons, bags, trays and plastic packages, such as punnet containers.


An undoubted advantage is the fackt that the SPS-7-01 can be operated by 12 employees at the same time!



Each workstation is equipped with WORKTOP WITH ROLLERS, whose task is to smoothly move the packaging with little effort by the employee.


Each station is equipped with DOUBLE SCALES SET. One is designed for weighing products in punnet containers, boxes, cartons and trays. The second, equipped with a special handle, allows you to weigh fruits and vegetables in bags.


MULTI‑LEVEL CONVEYORS  transport the packaged product to further stages of production, eg. to a central scales, to a flow-pack packing machine, ect.


Empty containers are transported, by the highest conveyor, to the collection point, thereby reducing the need to leave the workstation to place aside empty containers in which the product was delivered prior to sorting.


CENTRAL CONVEYOR FOR PRODUCT RECEPTION allows the automatic steering of fruit into the collective box. The employee does not have to leave the workstation.


All conveyors operate in AUTOMATIC mode. In order to improve the comfort and safety of work, there is an emergency stop button at each station.



  • easy and efficient packaging
  • non-stop operation and increased productivity -  concurrently 12 employees work at one table
  • one machine allows for the use of different packaging and containers
  •  strong, durable construction
  •  safe and ergonomic work
  •  design developed with the principles of economics of elementary movements
  •  the possibility of using many types of packaging.