Moldova - a line with the Mono machine completed in July 2019

In July 2019, we put into service a single lane sorting line for apples. This is our second project implemented in Moldova within 2 years!

The technological line includes our popular Mono machine dedicated for smaller farms, which at the customer's request has been equipped with water unloading for even more gentle feeding of fruit into the sorting line.

Bins with apples are dipped automatically in the unloading elevator, and then the fruit flows smoothly through the water channel to the elevator and into the drying section. The dryer , model SOG‑W07 which is used has a built-in fan to speed up the drying process.

The vision system used for sorting allows for fruit diameter analysis, color and weight measurement.



Production of apples in Moldova

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova, Regional Development and the Environment in the season 2018/2019, the size of apple harvests in the current year, despite unfavorable weather conditions, is estimated at approx. PLN 450,460,000. tonnes (https://www.fresh-market.pl/owoce_i_warzywa/).