Modern sorting machines – a conference for a delegation from Ukraine

The following conference, yet this time it’s time for Ukraine!


During the meeting in Hotel Karo, the customers were broadening their knowledge on the cutting edge technology applied in Sorter projects. The lectures were given by our specialists Mr Norbert Wojas and Mr Piotr Chajdys, as well as, our representatives in Ukraine from Rusbana Engineering Ukraine and SORTER-PACK LLC.


Part of the lectures were devoted to planting and cultivating orchards, with particular emphasis on apples, pears and cherries. At our invitation, lectures were hosted by guests from Mazowieckie Agricultural Advisory Center based in Radom - Mrs. Agnieszka Janiec and Mr. Tomasz Pająk.


The meeting was preceded by a visit to Sangrow Sp z o o where our line has been since 2014. The installation consits of:

• a six lanes’ presort with a gentle hydro-bin filler,
• unloading robots,
• a four lanes’ cup sorting machine with the water unloading,
• a packing line with mulithead linear weighing machine and Turbo packing table NS1,
• a packing line with a mulithead linear weighing machine and a Turbo packing table, 
• a palletizing line with an automatic strapping machine.