Innovative buffering system for presorting


Innovative buffering system for presorting

Each Sorter technological line is designed taking into account optimal solutions and in accordance with the clients' expectations.


Launched in 2018 pre-sorting line in Łódź region has been matched perfectly to the production capacity and the limited surface of the client's packhouse.


The greatest attention in this technology line deserve custom solutions of buffering apples in water channels. 32 water channels, made of stainless steel, are narrower, shorter and deeper than the most commonly used ones. Each of them has an independent water supply system that allows you to use pumps with less power. The advantage of this project is also a larger number of outputs in the machine, and thus a larger number of sorting classes, on a limited area of ​​the apple packhouse.


Our original buffering system allows you to stack fruit in a gentle way, limits their damage and more evenly layers the fruit over the entire length of the water channel.


The fruit from the channels are then transferred to be gently loaded by a hydro‑vaccum filler. Full bins are transported by a chain conveyor to a Cartesian coordinate robot. Robot equipped with a gripper for manipulation of bins, sets them aside. A printer that is located between the robot and the filling machine, prints and glues the label on each bin completes the packing process.



  • TIME SAVING: channels empty in less than a minute!
  • SPACE SAVING: channels are shorter, less space necessary for the whole installation
  • ENERGY SAVING: pumps with less power, optimal use of electricity to power the installation
  • GENTLE FRUIT CONVEYING AND PROCESSING: less possibility of damage to fruits that don't collide with each other
  • LARGER NUMBER OF SORTING CLASSES: due to a larger number of outputs in the machine