Conference at the Institute of Biosystems Engineering, Poznań University of Life Sciences

A conference "The current problems of bio-systems engineering" in which we participated on 20th June 2018 in Poznań, at the Institute of Biosystems Engineering,  was another one in the framework of the dissemination of the research results of the EU project: "Development of an innovative technology of an automatic integrated 6-axis manipulator equipped with a vision system enabling product orientation."  


The project was co-financed as part of Measure 1.4 Support for goal-oriented projects of Priority Axis 1 Research and development of modern technologies of the Innovative Economy Operational Program based on the financing agreement OP IE no. 01.04.00-22-205/12 of 12th November 2012.


The project was designed to create a prototype of a mechanism for the cooperation of automatic pneumatic manipulator with a modern vision system for identifying products’ characteristics and identifying products in production processes.


The speech at the conference was presented by a member of the Sorter’s research team, Roman Król, Phd degree Eng.


A link to the programme of the conference: http://www1.up.poznan.pl/apib/?program-konferencji


Learn more about the project on our website http://www.sorter.pl/pl/firma/publikacje-badan,1179.htm