Company foundation history

SORTER is the first and only manufacturer in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe of electronic sorting machines and equipment for fruit and vegetables. The company laid the foundations for the development of this industry in Poland.


The initiator of the enterprise establishment was Konrad Grzeszczyk, who launched a  mobile on-site service in the area of industrial maintenance and repair of electronic sorting machines and palletizing lines.


The dream, however, was the creation of a company, which would soon become one of the leading manufacturers of comprehensive technological lines. The experience and knowledge of information technology and electronics were not enough to independently run such business venture. In order to accomplish the aim, the cooperation with specialists in other fields became indispensable. 


The challenge to produce custom steel components and alternative constructions for technological lines, which in the past had to be imported from abroad, was undertaken by Michał Ziomek, with necessary expertise in the mechanics and machines’ design. The experience gained in STALKO Stalko (the family­‑owned business of over 20 years of tradition) specializing in metal processing and the technical possibilities of the most modern machinery and engineering facilities in the region, made the cooperation so fruitful that the founders undertook the creation of the first Polish electronic sorting machine.


The successful accomplishment of the first project resulted in joining forces of two businessmen and the establishment in 2010 of an enterprise integrating the knowledge of two disciplines: electrical engineering and mechanics.

“Many entrepreneurs endeavor to establish a company individually, completely forgetting about the synergy effect, which can be achieved by combining – in an innovative way – the two areas of knowledge. Our company is the best example of such synergy.”  


K. Grzeszczyk and M. Ziomek 


A joint vision of the founders of the company resulted in the development of new standards of competition, not only in the domestic, but also in the global market. The innovation and quality of work, the creation of own innovative and courageous projects and the thrust of customers gained by offering high quality and reliable machines and equipment have become the most important factors to influence current market position. Goods marked with the SORTER’s trademark  have became  sought not only in the country, but also in the global market.


At the end of 2015, a new office in Radom was opened at ul. Sadownicza 7, a modern office building and a 900 square meters assembly hall, where the production and testing of new technological solutions takes place. The investment is closely connected with launching of a series of RDS sorting machines and receiving EU funding for this purpose. The new headquarters and comprehensive production and assembly facilities are another important step towards the development and strengthening of the Sorter’s brand.


From the very beginning of the company's founding, the ambition of creating products for the high technology industry has contributed to the extension of company’s profile to other industry sectors. 


The own technological ideas caused that the available solutions of mechanical and electronic components often fell short of the expectations, therefore the development of the R&D, Electronics, Automation, Mechanics, Assembly and Implementation departments was a natural direction of development.


Since 2015, SORTER has been involved in an international research project. The task of scientists involved in ALABO project is to develop a technology for the production of eco-friendly and innovative photovoltaic cells on a flexible substrate of transparent film. As part of the project, in the SORTER’S Lab, the advanced work on designing a vision system that will control the laser process of scribing the correct solar cell structure in its individual layers.


In the company's research and development laboratory thee were also carried out state-of-the-art works on creating the first Polish 6-axis robot-manipulators. The official premiere of one of them, SUR15, took place at the Taropack Fair in Poznan in 2016. Modern, versatile manipulators of the SUR series with a range of tools allow you to revolutionize the numerous production processes in factories and warehouses of our customers.



Attention to detail and the desire to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, resulted in many prestigious awards for Sorter, among others: Small Business of the Year 2011, Product of the Year 2011 both awarded by Radom Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mazovian Company of the Year 2012, Fair Play Entrepreneur of the Year 2012,  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Fair Play Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 and 2014 and Acanthus Aurelius at Glass fairs in 2017.