ALABO project completed successfully!

And it’s done, the ALABO project has been successfully completed!!!


At the latest meeting in Dresden, at the headquarters of Heliatek company, one of the partners in the project, also European commission members came to oversee the result of the project.


The main task has been to develop the technology for the production of durable, ultra‑light solar batteries on the transparent substrate. The process of the development of the electronic elements involves the application of a few layers, one by one, of the organic material. Subsequently, in each layer, the laser precisely scribes the structure of the solar battery. What is important is to restrict the laser’s work to one layer without damaging others. It is worth explaining that the thickness of one layer equals 100nm.


Sorter within ALABO project developed a comprehensive software, which in real time oversees and corrects the operation of several lasers. The vision system composed of 5 industrial cameras currently reaches the speed of 5 meters per second.


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