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About us

The main activity profile of the company is the production and sale of a range of technological advanced solutions, including also innovative, from sorting and packing to palletizing and robotics.



We constantly and systematically widen our offer to meet the demands of the market. At the moment we offer our customers a whole range of machines and technological solutions:

  • advanced technological lines,
  • electronic sorting machines for fruit and vegetables,
  • machines of food processing,
  • software and vision system for the analysis of external and internal quality,
  • precise manipulators and general industry robots,
  • high quality palletizing systems,
  • automatic packing and storing systems,
  • machines for the orchard,
  • own electronics among others: high power Ethernet input/output modules, weight modules, ViSort illumination,
  • technological lines for sorting recycled materials.


The company’s aim is a systematic development of technology allowing fully automated production process, which results in a wide range of ever newer products (automated palletizing lines, robots for packing, robots – manipulators,  vision systems). We have consistently strived for it through applying our own technological ideas and solutions, investing capital in R&D and improving offered machines. 


The company’s high potential allows us to design, manufacture and implement a new technological line, even for the most demanding customers.



Modern, proprietary vision system for external and internal quality enables to analyse:

  • size, colour and position of fruit and vegetables,
  • external and internal quality of fresh, frozen or dried fruit and vegetables,
  • quality of bulk food,
  • quality of processed food in glass, plastic and metal containers,
  • flows or defects of industrial and consumer goods such as: glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber,
  • bar codes, labels, patterns, trademarks on packaging,
  • a batch of products and trace its path in a production process,
  • containers with processed food for example the level of milk in the bottle or the proper jars closure,
  • materials for recycling for example plastics: PP, PE, PS, PC, PLA, PCV, ABS, TBBPA etc., coloured glass, glass with graphite added
  • industry, construction and household wastes.

More information on www.visort.pl



All our machines are covered by a several years guarantee. We provide warranty and post warranty service, attractive service packages and discounts for regular customers.