2nd Representatives’ training

At the end of the year, we traditionally train our sales representatives.


In the lecture part, we concentrate on the machines and available ViSort®© software updates, while at the official dinner we summarize the sales performance and award the best dealer of the year.


This time, the third place was taken by a company from Ukraine - Сортер- Пак (SORTER PAK), the second place went to the company EUROFORTA from Moldova, and the first to our representative from the Krasnodar region from Russia - АгроСтройКомплект!


Congratulations again !!!


The training conference took place at Hotel Karo. There were delicacies from the chef, music and singing. The evening was more enjoyable due to the folk band Kapela Zdzisława Kwapińskiego, clearly liked the guests. We also checked if anyone remembers how to dance Polish oberek.


Hopefully, we have managed to bring our guests a bit closer to our culture and they took along with them some pleasant memories.